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The Swan

I'd like to say, through the many different styles of Theremin I've played with in the past six years. Nothing compares the practice it takes to have to play this song. When I think of a Chello, Piano, Harp, Violin.... I think "The Swan" by Saint Saens has to be played. I stumbled upon the Theremin and I thought the same thing too.

When I play live, this song always has to be on the playlist. I think the song has a calming effect through the piece. Especially from the timid intro, to the vibrant crescendo. I've never stopped loving this song.

Though the song is titled "The Swan," sometimes I like to think of it more so as "The Ghost." A song about seeing a specter moving through a room and becoming visible to the human world. Being able to touch the music this ghost is singing.

I hope you all enjoy the song. It's one of my favorites. I'll see ya next time!

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